Girls Tennis - All League

First Singles Champion Mallory Hitchcock Eaton
First Singles Runner-Up Miranda Riggs Oakwood
Second Singles Champion Lilly Rich Oakwood
Second Singles Runner-Up Ayana Sekine Eaton
Third Singles Champion Niobe Beiersdorfer Oakwood
Third Singles Runner-Up Maya Hoppe Waynesville
First Doubles Champion Abby Butterbaugh Waynesville
First Doubles Champion Katie McKeehan Waynesville
First Doubles Runner-Up Rylie Daniels Eaton
First Doubles Runner-Up Caroline Klawon Eaton
Second Doubles Champion Floey Biteau Oakwood
Second Doubles Champion Callia Newman Oakwood
Second Doubles Runner-Up Livia Carpenter Middletown Madison
Second Doubles Runner-Up Presley Higgs Middletown Madison
Player of the Year Mallory Hitchcock Eaton
Coach of the Year Christy Heppner Oakwood

First Team
Mallory Hitchcock - Junior Eaton 1st Singles
Lauren Miller - Junior Valley View 1st Singles
Miranda Riggs - Senior Oakwood 1st Singles
Emily Sauser - Junior Waynesville 1st Singles
Lily Rich - Junior Oakwood 2nd Singles
Niobe Beiersdorfer - Freshman Oakwood 3rd Singles
Abby Butterbaugh - Senior
Katie McKeehan - Junior
Waynesville 1st Doubles

Second Team
Kirsten Bottles - Senior Carlisle 1st Singles
Lauren Rieger - Junior Waynesville 2nd Singles
Ayana Sekine - Sophomore Eaton 2nd Singles
Maya Hoppe - Freshman Waynesville 3rd Singles
Floey Biteau - Senior
Evie Davis - Sophomore
Oakwood 1st Doubles
Rylie Daniels - Sophomore
Caroline Klawon - Junior
Eaton 1st Doubles
Calathia Biteau - Freshman
Callia Newman - Senior
Oakwood 2nd Doubles

Honorable Mention
Lauren Kokladas - Senior Brookville 1st Singles
Greta Moore - Senior Carlisle 2nd Singles
Josie Jackson - Junior Eaton 3rd Singles
Charolette Sears - Senior
Petra Olsen - Senior
Valley View 1st Doubles
Livia Carpenter - Sophomore
Presley Higgs - Sophomore
Middletown Madison 2nd Doubles
Leona Wenzler - Junior
Ashlyn Callahan - Sophomore
Waynesville 2nd Doubles

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