Golf:  Oakwood Team (4th)

          Sam Lahmon=9th /Alex Grant=17th /RC Cosler=38th

          Tom McCarty=45th /Ryan Quigley=56th

Girls Tennis:  Oakwood = Lily McCloskey (Tie 9th)

Girls Cross Country:  Bellbrook Team (3rd) / Oakwood Team (5th)

          Bellbrook = Minami Ford=34th /Elise Kemper=51st

               Avarie Faulkner=52nd /Emily Pelfrey=63rd

               Amira Faulkner=90th /Addie Hahn=93rd /Kayla Paul=144th

          Oakwood = Grace Hartman=2nd /Elizabeth Vaughn=10th

               Mary Kidwell=75th /Lily Kavel=147th /Hannah Potter=164th

               Maddie Plunkett=165th /Lydia Beyer=173rd

Boys Cross Country:  Eaton Team (9th)

          Alex Newport=40th /Alex McCarty=49th /Jack Bortel=51st 

          Dylan Suding=98th /Todd Coates=121st /Cole Bulach=132nd

          LeKendrick Brown=153rd

     Monroe = Marty Zumbiel=44th and Christian Leach=70th

     Madison = Nathan Thobe=55th

     Oakwood = Kyle Lethander=75th and Dolan Johnson=134th

     Waynesville = Colin Amato=86th





Our mission has always been to promote pure, wholesome athletic competition among our member schools providing opportunities for sportsmanship and stronger relationship building.  Our philosophy promotes that sportsmanship is integral to the functioning of the SWBL as a concrete measure of the understanding and commitment to fair play, ethical behavior and integrity.  Our tradition is that all involved in our Championships, whether participant or spectator, conducts him/herself in a manner that brings only credit to each individual, school, community and family.

The Southwestern Buckeye League would like to thank Mike Beerman, Ty Carpenter and Bob Eldridge of Josten's for supplying the Passes for our member schools.

The Southwestern Buckeye League Ticket Prices:

     $6.00     Varsity Football, Boys and Girls Basketball,

                  Boys and Girls Track and Field, Boys and Girls Swimming

     $5.00     Varsity Volleyball, Boys and Girls Soccer, and Wrestling

                  SWBL Varsity Boys and Girls Cross Country

  SWBL Junior High Wrestling and Track end of the year Tournaments


     $4.00     For all other Non-Varsity and Junior High Sports

These prices are for adults and students

Golf = Beechwood Golf Course = September 20, 2018

Girls Tennis = Thomas Cloud Park = September 25 and 26, 2018

     Buckeye = September 25th / Southwestern = September 26th

JH Volleyball = Valley View = October 6th thru 13th, 2018

HS and JH Cross Country = Milton Union = October 13, 2018

Swimming = Trotwood HS = February 1, 2019

JH Wrestling = Waynesville = February 2, 2019

JH Boys Basketball = Dixie = February 2nd thru 9th, 2019

JH Girls Basketball = Valley View = February 2nd thru 9th, 2019

HS and JH Cheerleading = Madison = February 16th or 17th, 2019

Wrestling = Monroe = February 15 and 16, 2019

Boys Tennis = Thomas Cloud Park = April 30 and May 1, 2019

     Buckeye = April 30th / Southwestern = May 1st

JH Track and Field = Eaton = May 4, 2019

Track and Field = Oakwood = May 9th and 11th, 2019